How do I pay my rent?

We offer five ways to pay your rent.

1. Standing order or Direct Debit
2. Rent book, payable at any Lloyds bank
3. Using your AllPay rent card
a. at any post office or shop showing the PayPoint symbol
b. by phoning AllPay on 0844 557 8321
c. online at

When should the rent be paid?

Southwark tenancy agreements state you should pay your rent in advance, so if you pay weekly your rent is due on the Monday.

Variations on this including fortnightly, every 4 weeks or monthly should be paid in advance as well.

Rent arrears

Rent arrears are a breach of your tenancy and puts your home at risk. Rent should always be regarded as your top priority debt.

Never ignore your rent arrears! It can happen to any of us for a variety of reason and our staff are here to assist you and to help you get your rent account back on track. They can help you in a variety of ways such as helping you set a realistic budget and agreeing terms of payment that you can afford. We can also refer you to independant advice.

If you have an agreement with the office to pay back your rent arrears please let them know if there are changes in your circumstaces that can affect your payments. It is easier to work with someone when you trust them and know what is going on.

Housing Benefit

Housing benefit will cover your rent but not any standing charges. If you are not sure what your standing charges are speak to the office and they will advise you.

Arrears are likely to occur when either starting to receive or when coming off or having a reduced entitlement to benefit. Again speak to the office who will be able to advise you.

Eviction for rent arrears

If you are evicted for rent arrears you will be considered to have made yourself deliberately homeless and the council may not have any duty to rehouse you. Even if the council accepts that they still have a duty to home you this can be duty can now be met by placing you in the high rent private sector. Further changes in housing benefits could mean that you will need to move away from the area.

No one at Haddonhall TMO wants to see tenants evicted from their homes, so please pay your rent, and if you get into trouble come and speak to our staff.

Rent arrears impact on TMO

The TMO is billed every quarter for the rent we should have collected. Any rent not collected has to be made up from our allocations, which means that there is less money to spend on other things. We usually make up this money when tenants in arrears come to an agreement to pay back the arrears. However after arrears reach 8 weeks the rent account is handed back to the council and we only receive a percentage back. It does protect us from further losses.

What happens if my rent acount is handed back to the council?

You will still receive the same services we currently provide without discrimination, except for those relating to rent collection, which will be managed by the council until the arrears are cleared. Once you have been informed that the rent account is being handed back to the Council apart from providing you with general advice we will not be able to discuss any specific issues relating to the rent account with you. You should continue paying the rent into the Haddonhall account until you are contacted by the council. If you have cleared the arrears prior to being contacted by the council, please advise the estate office.