Refuse / Rubbish

What day is the refuse collected?

Refuse is collected early on a friday morning.

Your rubbish should be inside a black bag - if it is not then it will not be collected. Bags should be left in the designated area Thursday night or early Friday morning. If you leave your rubbish out on a Friday mornng please check to see if others are still sitting there or if the refuse has already been collected. If the collection has already been done then your bag should go into your designated bin area.

If you do not know where your designated rubbish collection area is, or your designated bin area please speak to the office who will be happy to advise you.

Putting your rubbish out after the collection has been made, failing to properly bag it or not putting it into your designated bin area is considered fly tipping and you can be fined for this.

Cleaning of Bin Keeps.

If you have been allocated a bin kep it is your responsibility to keep it clean. If for any reason you are unable to do this please let the office know.