Allocation Panel

Why have I been invited to an allocation panel?

As part of our agreement with the council when an empty home is allocated we interview the top three nominations.

What will happen?

You will get the chance to view the accomodation you have bid for.

Afterwards you will be interviewed by two or three of the TMO board members. They will ask you some preset questions, these are so we know you understand the differences between a tenant managed estate and a council run estate and to get to know you a little. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions.

What if I don't attend?

You won't be offered the accomodation no matter what your priority is.

I am third in priority, is there any point in my attending?

Absolutely. It is not unusual for people either to turn up, or decide they do not want to take the flat.

What happens after the interview?

You will be informed either on the day or by the next day if you have been successful.

When will I have to move in by?

We normally interview on a Thursday, and the successful candidate will be expected to move in 11 days later.  As the accomodation is ready when you view it we are happy to arrange for you to visit the flat so you can measure up, or start moving your things in once you have accepted the flat.

I am disabled, or have special needs, can you accomodate my needs for the interview?

You will be contacted by the office to arrange the viewing and interviewing. If  you let the office know of any special needs or requirements at this time we can arrange to meet them. In particular it would help if you let us know if you need interpretation services or a wheel chair user.

Unfortunately the office is not wheel chair friendly and we hope to resolve this at some point. However arrangements can be made to accomodate this.

We have two mobile loop units  which can be used if you use a hearing aid with a T setting. We do need to make sure these are charged if you want us to use it so please let us know.

What if I feel I was treated unfairly?

Haddonhall TMO is committed to equality and abhors discrimination, however the panel is made up of people and people make mistakes. If you do feel you were treated unfairly there are a number of routes you can take.

1. You can contact our office and make a complaint or comment. This will be looked at and if we have your contact details we will respond to you, normally within 10 working days.

2. You can speak to the allocations team.

3. You can talk to our monitoring team at Southwark by calling 020 7525 7712

If you want to make a comment on the way the interview was conducted, or have suggestions on how it can be improved you are welcome to use the suggestion box on this website - you will find it in the Forms section.