New Office Plans

At last nights Special General Meeting we discussed the plans for the new office and remodelling of the community room.

The meeting supported the plans in principle and we have promised to consult residents again once the project has been properly priced. The current estimate is £120,000 to £150,000 which we are proposing to cover using our surplus funds. Once we have got this the council will be informed of our plans and they will have the final say is leaseholder will have to pay towards the costs. The TMO however is proposing leaseholders will not be charged, as we expect the main beneficiaries to be tenants.

The changes will address a number of issues, wheel chair access to the office, improved safety and security for staff and visitors, a new private interveiw room, improved community room.


We will be holding drop in sessions, as well as writing to all our residents to let you know what is happening and to give residents a chance to have a say.


George Arkless