Recycling Information

When is the recycling collection?

Recycling is collected on Saturday mornings.

You must use the recycling bags provided*, if you leave cardboard boxes or other items to be recycled without bagging them first they will not be taken.

*Southwark has a number of schemes, if you are using one of these you must comply with the instructions that come with them.

Recycle bags should be left out on Friday night or early Saturday morning. If you are not sure where to leave them please contact the office for advice.

Due to the problems we have been having with people leaving their rubbish and recycling out on the wrong days or not stored properly we are looking at a number of ways to deal with this in future. We consider it to be anti social behaviour and a serious matter due to it attracting rats, mice and other vermin.

What you can recycle:


  • Glass bottles - any colour
  • Glass jars - any colour


  • Drink cans and food tins - please empty, rinse and squash
  • Biscuit, cake and sweet tins
  • Metal lids (from glass bottles and jars)
  • Aluminum foil (clean only)
  • Aerosol spray cans - do not puncture or squash

Please remove lids, tops, caps and corks and rinse out any remaining food.


  • Plastic drinks bottles
  • Plastic household bottles, e.g. shampoo and detergent bottles
  • Plastic food trays, tubs, pots, lids and tops


  • Paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Junk mail, flyers and leaflets
  • Envelopes (please remove the plastic windows)
  • Phone directories, including the Yellow Pages
  • Shredded paper (please put in a used paper envelope or paper bag)
  • Greeting cards
  • Food packets (like cereal boxes)
  • Cardboard (please remove any plastics from boxes, break down cardboard, and flatten)
  • Egg boxes
  • Detergent and washing powder boxes
  • Tissue boxes
  • Toilet roll tubes and kitchen roll tubes


  • Food and drink cartons such as Tetra Pak.