Our Vision

Our Vision

Haddonhall Residents TMO is committed to working for the people of Haddonhall Estate in order to provide excellent services and improve the quality of life for residents through resident management and community empowerment.

We will achieve this by:

- Providing the best housing service possible for our residents
- Improving the estate and homes of our residents
- Undertaking projects and initiatives which will benefit local people
- Working with other groups and the council  to improve a wide range of services for residents
- Strengthening our community
- Acting as a voice for the residents of the estate

We will do this by ensuring we continue to communicate, consult and involve all members of the community in the TMO and local decision making.

Our Values

Haddonhall TMO has adopted the following values in order to reflect our commitment to providing excellent services and the empowerment of local people:

- We are a responsive organisation and strive to improve continuously
- We respect our community and care about people
- We celebrate the diversity of our community and will strive to ensure we represent and serve all of our residents in a fair and equitable  manner
- Estate residents are our customers and their contribution to the TMO is key  to our success
- We believe in participation and community empowerment and  encourage our people to have the confidence and imagination to create innovative solutions
- We do what we say
- Each of us will work to make Haddonhall better and to enhance the quality of life for local people
- We are part of a wider community and we recognise that what we do has an impact on others.

These values apply equally to our staff, partners and our other stakeholders.