At the heart of the TMO is our community.

2011 fun day, we raised over £170 for three charities.

While finding members of the community who are willing to sit on the management board can be difficult each day of the week neighbours are helping each other and looking out for one another.

We have a number of social activities going on at regular intervals, from the regular bingo club, coffee mornings and internet suite to less frequent activities such as our quiz nights, race nights and film nights. We run activities every day between Christmas and New Year so no one needs to feel isolated or alone during what can be a particularly lonely period.

Bingo is always a popular evening’s entertainment.

We are always looking to improve on our social calendar. 2011 saw our first Halloween Party which was popular. As the estate has a number of student lets in 2012 we will be introducing a welcome evening for students living on the estate. This will allow us to introduce ourselves, let them know about the services on the estate as well as having some fun.

Winners and loser from one of our Christmas quiz nights.

Providing opportunities for training for our residents is important to us and while a range of training is available for board members and staff we will consider providing training for our tenants if they would like some.

A young person who we arranged to do a level 2 certified course in fund raising at Trafford Hall after putting on a charity event to raise money for Special Kids in the UK.

As a community we are not afraid to laugh at ourselves or have fun.

Councillor Poddy Clark on the receiving end of Community Justice Haddonhall style!

The stocks were introduced as part of our fun day in 2010 and proved very popular. Residents and friends of the estate were invited to take their 'punishment' for doing good on the estate. Councillor Poddy Clark was one of the first people to volunteer, and in 2011 one of the Southwark Council’s managers volunteered, allowing those attending to show their appreciation with wet sponges. In 2010 special accolade was rained upon the Chair, George Arkless when residents and neighbours decided to pay him tribute by throwing tomatoes and eggs at him.

Halloween fun